Sunday, 16 July 2017

From my side of the table... Ferrybridge and Dinting Dale

I had the most enjoyable wargame this weekend, hosted by Michael Perry.

The actions at Ferrybridge and Dinting Dale ( I couldn't resist referring to them as Fairybridge and Dingly Dell throughout the game) were a precursor to the battle of Towton.
Michael used this large skirmish as a basis for a more substantial game.
Alan Perry and I took the part of the Yorkists, Alan taking control of Lord Fauconberg and I had control of Lord Fitzwalker and Warwick.
Dave Andrews and Rick Priestly were the baddies...

A green and pleasant land... for the moment.

Fitzwalkers men slumber in their camp.

Ricks marauding cavalry make an early morning call.

Fitzwalkers men, now awake form up at the front of the camp.

Fitzwalkers mounted archers wake up mount up and bugger off...
They make next to no contribution to the rest of the battle.

Ricks cavalry charge home...destroying one unit and sending the other across the river.

Warwicks men now start to arrive and make their way across the bridge.

Only to be charged by Ricks cavalry...destroying two more units.

More of Warwicks men push across the bridge.

Ricks men pull back to reform, taking the luckless Fitzwalker with them as prisoner...rumours that he was captured in the toll booth while studying his collection of dodgy illumination's are mostly untrue.

Alan (for the moment playing the part of god) looks on in despair.

Lord Fauconberg arrives (Hurrah!).

With support from Warwick's remaining infantry Fauconberg moves in on Ricks cavalry.

As Dave's men arrive on the battlefield (Booo!)

Not soon enough to stop the demise of Rick's men.

And the liberation of Fitzwalker.

The two armies close in one each other.

A state of violence, bad behaviour and name calling break's out across the battlefield, but despite some glorious actions and small victories the Yorkist's can make no headway against the forces of darkness, with all our brigades effectively broken it is time to concede the game.

Fitzwalker manages to get back to his stash of porn illuminations.

And we all had a jolly good time.

More can of course be found on the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.

All the best.  Aly


  1. Another stunning victory for the glorious forces of the true king against those baby eating Yorkist rebels!

  2. Strange words coming from an official bodyguard to Richard the third...
    Anyway we still kept the bridge...and the porn

  3. Beautiful looking game and not a bad start to your blog!

  4. Beautiful looking game and not a bad start to your blog!

  5. Great game at PM HQ (and welcome to the world of blogettes!).