Thursday 18 February 2021

Shiny Napoleonics... Prussian Freiwillinger Jäger


It has been a little bit longer than normal between posts... I’ve been a little bit busy with work and life...

Yeh!... Once again I’ve had to make lots of toy soldiers... boo hoo my life is so bad ūüėā.

I have however now cleared the wargames table and set up my photo booth to taken a few pictures of toy soldiers...

I have added a small unit of Freiwillinger Jäger to the 1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr.6.

It seemed rude not to add these to the Regiment...

They have been painted exactly the same as the previous Battalions except...

Instead of blue for the tunics I have used Wargames  Foundry Forest Green 26B.

I am pleased with these and I am positive that although small in number they will perform magnificently...

That is of course... unless I am using them.

The figures are Minifigs Intermediate range with the bayonets removed and shako covers added by me..

And the bases are as always Warbases...

All the best.   Aly

Sunday 7 February 2021

Lion Rampant 3rd Century... First try


As I have now painted up enough figures for two small forces, I thought that I would have a little solo game to see how they perform...

It’s been a while since I have played Lion Rampant or any of its variants, so this was a nice opportunity to refresh myself of the rules...

I got the Roman and Sassanid stats from the I live With Cats blog...

So each force was six units strong and I played them pretty much as basic stats...

I used playing cards to decide whose move it was to add a little uncertainty... Red cards for Rome and Black cards for the Sassanids.

When a unit failed an activation roll ... Instead of the turn going to the other side... I turned another card over.

This is the initial set up after the first move... no subtle tactics...
More a case of “let’s get in these and see what happens.”

The Sassanids 

The Romans
The Sassanid light cavalry make a move towards the Roman Temple.
Due to... predictable activation roll fails... this is where they stay for a bit.

Sassanid heavies moving forwards slowly.
It does make a nice picture though.

The Romans start a steady advance.

Sassanid skirmishers in the woods.

The Sassanid Levy Infantry... loiter.

The Roman Noble Horse charge the Sassanid Cataphracts.
And bounce off.

Encouraged by this the Cataphracts decide they want to move forward 

The Roman and Sassanid Light Horse skirmish with little effect.

The Roman Infantry look tough.

The Sassanid Levy... loiter...sigh!

Having gotten the worst of the skirmishing.
The Sassanid Light Horse fall back

My Leader eyes up some Romans as a possible target.

The Sassanid Levy decide to have ago at the Roman Auxilia.
What could possibly go wrong?

A Raven’s eye view of the battlefield.

Having managed to charge the Romans...
The Levy decide they may have bitten of more than they could chew.

Sadly no before picture...
But here is the after.
The Sassanid leader has disappeared in a puff of...

At this point I decided that this was a good point to call a halt to the action.

I thought that the cards work well for the turn sequence, but by the way my dice were rolling the basic Lion Rampant none activation result felt a bit brutal... next time I will lift the Double One/Double Six rule from Pikeman’s Lament and see how that works... I also think that the Cataphracts could be a bit more aggressive/easier to move.
I also need more Light Horse for the Sassanids.

I really enjoyed this it was nice to see the toys on the table... I already feel like painting more up.
I shall set up a new table and have another game...

All the best.   Aly