Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Hamburg Tactica 2018... The Show.

Show time...
Hamburg Tactica is probably one of my favourite wargames of course helps that I have some lovely friends in Hamburg and we get to spend some quality (drinking) time together...
Every newcomer I have spoken has immediately told me how friendly and welcoming the event is.
All of the organisers work really hard to make the show the success it is...thank you gentlemen.

The games this year were up to the same high standard as always.

I certainly didn't take as many photo's as I could have...I spent a lot of time sat behind our desk.(which looked more and more like a nest as the weekend passed.) talking to people about plans for Great War Miniatures and Shiny Toy Soldiers and my frustration at having 'designers block' for the last year.
The Tactica exclusive miniature appears to have been very popular...which has certainly been a boost to my enthusiasm for sculpting.

So in no particular order here are my pictures...

This was a beautiful 1/72 scale diorama presented by History in Miniatures.

They also presented a WW2 diorama ...

1/72 scale and diorama building are quite popular in Germany and is done can be seen to a very high standard...
I believe there is going to be a show later in the year dedicated to this branch of the miniatures hobby.

These were some very beautiful 1/72scale boats on sale at one of the trade stands...I was too scared to ask the price... too costly and I would have been disappointed ... too cheap and I would now be admiral of the fleet...

A delightfully bizarre game called Konigsberg 1945 by Pink Unicorn featuring...a Pink Panther.
The buildings were superb.

Frank Becker's Sons of the Desert ...

A very nice 20mm modern game... once more really nice terrain.

More desert loveliness... I think this was also from Frank.

A 1/72 scale Hattin Game from Frank Bauer... as I've said a popular scale in Germany.

A North West Frontier game put on by our friends Bernhard, Stefan and Michale...More lovely terrain.

This was a WW1 air war game... but once more it was the incredible terrain that caught my eye.

A parade of Peters Paper Boys...

TravelBattle ... Johannes painted the whole set over the weekend...

We also had a game in the bar after the show...

There are... and will be ... more pictures of even more games on Frank Becker's blog...

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend in excellent company.

A great big thank you to everyone involved...

All the best  Aly


  1. Keep saying it every year that i see tactics show pics - but next year I WILL go...

  2. The 1750's diorama looks amazing, even in 1/72. It is tempting to make a table or two with that level of detail (playing practicality be damned)

    1. Rob ... that would be madness and you know it...

      When are you going to start.?

      All the best. Aly

  3. Hi Aly,
    a great report and nice photos! Thank you very much for joining us again at our event. And of course many thanks for the great figures you modeled for us. See you in Nottingham this fall.
    PS: And thanks for the link to my homepage!

    1. Cheers Frank
      And thank to you and everyone for a great weekend.

      All the best. Aly

  4. Great pictures Aly. Wish we hasd shows like that near us.

    1. Thank you Mark...
      We do seem to be blessed with a lot of good shows in this part of the world.

  5. You clearly enjoyed your visit, the best advert I find for any event.

    1. It’s a great show David...well worth making the effort to get there.

      All the best. Aly

  6. Great pictures Aly - that's one thing I miss about the UK - went to a couple of great shows back in the early 80's in Glasgow and Edinburgh