Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The war of Spanish Succession... French Infantry Regiment Royal Italien

My second unit for The War of Spanish Succession...

I have no rational reasons for picking this unit as my first French battalion other than that the 'butterfly' finds the colour combination rather pleasing...

The colours were all blocked in ...

Here are the basic colours...

Coats... Citadel ,,, Doombull Brown
Waist Coat ... Foundry ... Ochre 4B
Facings ... Citadel ..Evil Sons Scarlet
Belts ... Foundry ... Buff Leather
Stockings and white bits ... Citadel ... Pallid Wych Flesh
Grenadier/Sergeant braid ... Foundry ... Ochre 4B
Ammunition pouches and Officers scabbards ... Citadel ... Skrag Brown
Musket/wooden bits/powder flask ... Citadel ...Mournfang Brown

Except for the drummer...

The Coat is ...Citadel ...Kantor Blue...
The rest is Royal Livery ...
Which is a nightmare of red braid and white chains that never ends...

Everything was given my usual coat of Aly's Brown Liquid then re-highlighted.

The next thing was how to base them...
I had intended to use a narrower frontage to represent troops using volley fire tactics but then discovered that the French had started to use platoon fire-unofficially at first- during the war.
I felt I needed to represent this option somehow ...

Option 1 ... 60mm x 75mm... represents the deeper formation rather well but not very flexible...

Option 2 ... 60mm x 50mm.. rearranged differently to suit the situation. Okay.. but for me a bit forced...

Option 3 ... 2 60mm x 50mm plus 2 60mm x 25mm... this one works for me... its neat and flexible.

And here they are...
The flags are by Maverick models but in this case I have followed Robert hall and painted over the Fleur de Lis.

The Robert Hall plates are available here...

I really enjoyed painting these they are not -for the French- a common combination of colours and therefore an interesting challenge .

Next up ... White.. Grey... Grey/White...another interesting challenge...

All the best  Aly


  1. That is a grand looking unit Aly. Love the detail on the drummer's lace.

  2. Lovely post Aly and some great looking figures. The painting guide is very useful and interesting as well so thank you.

  3. Looking good Ally. See if you can dig out Mark Allen's Louis XIV plates - plenty of inspirational uniforms and flags to flap your wings over!

  4. Beautiful uniforms and splendid paint job!

  5. Thank you for the kind comments gentlemen...
    Mark... that is not the most complicated of the drummers liveries... so I have more fun ahead.
    Stuart... Yes I have Mark Allen's Louis XIV plates...they are in a 'safe place'... I am sure I will find them one day.

    All the best Aly

  6. Very nice work Aly. My favourite regiment of foot in the French army and one that I always try and have on the tabletop.

  7. Super stuff Aly, French Royal livery, argh! a nightmare. But at least the rank and file in this period don't have all that bloody piping :~)

  8. Nicely done. Very informative to follow along with your process. I, too, have a soft spot for the brown-coated Italians among the foreign regiments. They are among the troops in my French Nine Year's War army (a bit earlier in the day for the Sun King).

  9. Superb work Aly, really looking forward to seeing your WSS collection grow. Far more patience than I have when it comes to French Royal livery, beautifully done.

  10. I can see your 'French' army for the WSS ending up like mine, I think I actually only have 2 or 3 French units in it, the rest are 4 units of Bavarians, 4 units of Swiss, 4 units of Spanish, 2 units of Germans and 2 units of Irish. There are also quite a few units of Bavarian and Spanish units in my cavalry force.