Monday 14 August 2017

The War of Spanish Succession ... Prussian Infantry Regiment Kronprinz

So I have finally finished my first War of Spanish Succession unit...Hurrah!!!

I thought I would put down the whole painting process in this post, so I apologise in advance for the repetition of some earlier images...

Stage 1.

First I block in all the colours...

Coat and waistcoat ... Citadel ... Kantor Blue.
Cuffs, Stock. Piping on Pouch and Stockings ... Citadel ... Evil Sunz Scarlet.
Musket and Powder Flask ... Citadel ... Mournfang Brown.
Shirt Sleeves, Officers Cravats and officers Stockings ... Citadel ...Pallid Wych Flesh.
Flask Cords ... Wargames Foundry ... Boneyard 9B.
Belts and Scabbards ... Wargames Foundry ... Buff Leather 7B.
Officers Belts and Scabbards ... Citadel ... Doombull Brown.
Field Sign ... Citadel ... Elysian Green.
Hat Piping ... Wargames Foundry ... Ochre 4B.
Hats, Shoes and Ammunition Pouches ... Citadel ...Abaddon Black.
Flesh ... Wargames Foundry ... Flesh 5B.
Eyes and Hair ... Citadel ... Dryad Bark.
Lips ... Citadel ... Pink Horror.
Metal Parts and Officers Sashes ... Army Painter ... Shining Silver.
Gold/Brass Parts ... Citadel Retributor Armour.

Some paints....

Stage 2.
I then give everything a coat of ...


Aly's Brown Liquid...


40% Agrax Earthshade, 40% Seraphim Sepia and 20% Lahmian Medium...
The final ingredient is a few drops of Drakenhof Nightshade...
The colour you are looking for is not quite Brown any more but not entirely Payne's grey.
I usually put in a drop at a time and check the colour on a piece of white plastic or paper.

I also give the Face and Hands a wash of ... Citadel ... Flesh Shade.

Stage 3.

Everything is then highlighted with the original colour...
I added an extra highlight to...
The Belts ... Wargames Foundry Buff Leather 7B plus some Buff Leather Light 7B.
The Flesh ... Wargames Foundry Flesh 5B plus some Flesh Light 6C.
The Coat ... Citadel Kantor Blue plus some Citadel Caledor Blue... mostly this was a highlight around the edges of the coat.
The chins are given a wash of Aly's brown Liquid for that 5 'o' clock shadow.

Stage 4.

I varnish the black leather and metal parts with Tamiya Clear X-22 and give the officers scabbards and belts a coat of Tamiya Clear Orange X-26.

Yup! here's the picture...

The miniatures could live without this, but I like it... It gives a nice contrast and - in my opinion - 'Implies' extra detail.

I write most of this in a book... it helps when you get to my age...


Using super glue I first stick the back row to the bases.
These are from War Bases...

They are 60mm wide, 50mm deep and 3mm thick.

Next I apply and texture lightweight filler around the bases...

While this is still wet I attach the rest of the miniatures making sure they have a good contact with the MDF.

Once they are secure I apply the rest of the texture...

I leave the filler to set over night.
At this stage I like to have a good look over the unit, it gives me a chance to see how the unit looks as a whole , I can do extra work if I feel it is needed.
In this case I added extra highlights to the hat edging, the field sign and the officers hat.
I paint and flock the bases in my usual way...

The flags are from Maverick Models...

All in all I have really enjoyed painting these toys.

I already have the first French unit started..

And thanks to a donation of some unwanted miniatures from my friend Adrian and a fresh delivery from Front Rank...

I have plenty to do...

I also took delivery of these beauties...a very good resource.
Available from The Pike and Shot Society...

All the best.  Aly.


  1. They are a grand looking bunch, Aly! I remember doing a couple of units of these back in the late '80s...using the Foundry figures I think.

    1. Thanks Mark
      I had a few Foundry units back in the day...If I can track down a picture I shall post it on the blog.

      All the best. Aly

  2. A fine and informative post again Aly, grand inspiration and temptation, thank you.
    PS. Not sure I need the temptation though ;~)

  3. excellent Aly. Like those a lot.

    1. Thank you Paul...
      You are to blame...

      All the best Aly

  4. Nice job Aly - I do a similar process on the basing but I am lazy and just slap on the filler then press the figure bases into and let the setting of the filler hold them in place! Still like the Front Rank figures too...!

    1. I used to do the same , but I don't think the lightweight filler has enough grip to hold the miniatures.

  5. Excellent piece Aly most informative and of course a first class paint job on the unit.

    1. Thank you Graham...
      I will get round to painting your Jacobites... I thought I would do something a little less tartan first...
      All the best. Aly

  6. Very nicely done, wonderful figures...and flags!

  7. Enjoyed reading that, nice to see how someone "organises" things.

  8. Great post Aly like the idea of the recording of the process the figures look fantastic following this blog with interest.


  9. I have found that keeping a notebook is vital for a butterfly like me...
    The one in the picture is my 'New' book as I lost the old one in a house move...I fear it was either left behind or binned accidentally... I would sooner have lost the TV.

    All the best. Aly

  10. Always good to see how someone else goes about the painting lark. The idea of a book is a damned good thing to contemplate.

  11. Really interested stuff Aly. Many sympathies over book loss. We toolost geat in our move and frustrating it is. Started keeping book, misplaced it started another noe I have five or six half filled note books of random stuff. One day I will organise them. John