Thursday, 14 September 2017

The War of Spanish Succession... French Infantry Regiment Picardie

Another unit finished for The War of Spanish Succession... This time Picardie.

I rather like the older units from the French army...simple - some may say plain - uniforms and just as simple flags.
In my opinion they make quite bold looking units...maybe it is that lack of 'fuss' that makes them stand out.

These guys were painted in same way as the previous units...

Everything was blocked in with flat colours...

Coat ,Stockings and Facings ... My own Grey/White mix...

Waistcoat ... Citadel ... Evil Suns Scarlet
Musket/wooden bits/powder flask ... Citadel ...Mournfang Brown
Belts ... Foundry ... Buff Leather
Ammunition pouches and Officers scabbards ... Citadel ... Skrag Brown
Grenadier, Sergeant and hat braid ... Foundry ... Ochre 4B.

A wash with Aly's Brown Liquid...

If your memories as good as mine... the recipe is here...

Everything is re-highlighted and leather goods and metal fixings are varnished.

And here they all are...

I am very pleased with this unit and I will probably add Champagne, Piemont or Normandie to the army...or maybe all of them.

The miniatures are as always Front Rank...
The paints are Wargames Foundry and Citadel...
Bases from Warbases...
And last but not least Flags from Maverick Models...

All the best.   Aly


  1. Awesome job, a beautiful unit!

  2. Lovely. And I've pinched your Wychy white thing. Thanks mister!

  3. These are quite lovely Aly and I am very much enjoying your staged photos and posts. It gives a fantastic insight into the methodology of your painting and how effective your style is.

  4. Three of these battalions grace my collection. I like them too and yours are lovely to look at.

  5. These are great looking figures Aly - I wish I could replicate the way you get the faces to come out - fantastic stuff!

  6. Thank you gentlemen for your kind comments ...
    Your positive encouragement makes me glad I joined the blogosphere.
    Monkey Spirals...pinch away...let me know how you get on.
    Carlo... I was beginning to think I was getting a bit repetitive... lt seems not(yet)
    I shall continue as before.
    rros... It is a lot easier than you think...l could post a heads tutorial if you would me it won't be a long read...:-)

    All the best. Aly

  7. To see what I did with the stolen information ask Alan P to show you his dismounted Russian kuirassier.