Sunday, 24 September 2017

The War of Spanish Succession ... The Royal Scot's Dragoons (Greys) and Face painting tutorial

The first of my British units is now finished...The Royal Scot's Dragoons later The Royal Scots Greys...

I love this unit...when I was younger I spent a lot of time in the regimental museum in Edinburgh Castle.
If you ever get to Edinburgh try and make time to pay the castle a visit...

I was enjoying painting these dismounted troopers so much that I forgot to take any WIP shots... I will make up for this when I paint the mounted troops...

I thought that I would add my short but sweet face painting tutorial to this post...

The paints that I have used are...

Foundry... Flesh 5B
Foundry... Flesh Light 5C
Citadel... Dryad Bark
Citadel... Pink Horror
Citadel...Reikland Fleshshade
And Aly's Brown Liquid...

Everything is first blocked in with flat colours...

Face... Foundry... Flesh 5B
Hair and eyes Citadel... Dryad Bark
Lips... Citadel... Pink Horror

I have only painted the pupils of the whites... on most miniatures I don't even bother with this stage , but it seems to suit Front Rank Miniatures.

A wash of Aly's Brown Liquid...

I have shown this because its what I would wash the whole figure with anyway...
Looks a bit rough at the moment but don't worry.

Next up... Reikland Fleshshade...
He has a bit more colour now...

The flesh is now highlighted with  Flesh 5B slightly diluted with water or as I prefer Citadel... Lahmian Medium.
I think I use about 70% paint to 30% medium... don't worry if you make it a bit thin as you can just pain two coats.

I highlight the Forehead, Cheek Bones, The bridge of the Nose and if needed the Eye Lids.

I have highlighted the Flesh again with diluted Flesh Light 5C...
I put a spot of colour on the Forehead, Cheek Bones and the  bridge of the Nose.

The final stage is a further wash of Alys Brown Liquid to represent 5 o'clock shadow.

As a rule I like to leave the hair a dark colour as it helps frame the face.

Six stages my seem like a lot but if spread out over 18-20 figures you quickly pick up a rhythm.

I hope this has been helpful... as always any questions or comments will be ignored are welcome.

All the best   Aly


  1. Great tuto and fabulous unit!

  2. Great tutorial Aly, is the brown liquid a closely guarded recipe?

    1. Not really.... :-)
      If you look at the bit where it say "the paints I have used are"...
      You will see a cunningly hidden link to the original post where the source of my brown liquid can be found...:-0

      All the best. Aly

    2. Doh ! can you believe I was a gifted child?

  3. I usually do the eyes in light gray (the whites) and leave it at that. I'll have to try the pupil method. Thanks for that!

  4. Lovely figures but I'm past painting eyes now :-/



  5. Awesome stuff Aly, great stage by stage. Daz :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you Daz...
      From you I take that as a real compliment... :-)

  7. An interesting tutorial on faces there.